Why I started a Nutrition Blog

Yay! I’m so happy you made it to my blog!

My name is Carly Johnston, I am a registered dietitian nutritionist in southeastern Massachusetts specializing in weight management and wellness. This post is meant to give you a little insight as to why I chose to start blogging.

The main reason I decided to start a blog was because of all of the false information out there. I’m constantly on Pinterest and other websites looking for new recipes and most of the time I come across links that promote crazy ideas like “Lose 10 pounds in 2 days with this detox”, “Drinks to burn belly fat”, or “Bananas are the worst fruit you can eat”. Unfortunately, nutrition is a field where there are a lot of opinions on what is right and wrong in terms of eating healthfully. The information posted on the internet is also unregulated so anyone can post their opinion. I also find that those reading these articles get frustrated when the “tricks” don’t work as they should.

Registered dietitians like myself work under a general code of ethics that requires us to provide our patients and clients with accurate and evidence-based information when counseling. Not everyone sees a dietitian to obtain this information so I decided to turn to blogging. I want to be a voice in the field of nutrition that non-nutrition experts can come to for accurate information on nutrition and wellness.

I hope you enjoy my posts and find the information provided useful 🙂

– Carly


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