Meal Prep Monday: Asian Chicken Salad

After reading a few of my posts I’m sure you will notice that I love meal prep Mondays (and Sundays). Not only do they take away from some of the stress of meal planning during the week but they keep me from making poor food choices. With my meals planned and prepped ahead of time I am less likely to make a spur of the moment decision to get a slice of pizza or a bagel just because it’s quick.


This salad recipe was super easy to make and is definitely one that can be prepped ahead of time and taken to work. Instead of dumping all of the salad ingredients into one big bowl, I would line up your 5-6 salad bowls or Tupperware and individually assemble each. The ingredients tend to settle at the bottom of the big bowl over time – no one wants a plain romaine salad. I also like to keep my chow mein noodles separate from the vegetables until I am ready to eat.

asian chicken salad.png

The rotisserie chicken breasts are so versatile and are perfect for this recipe. Remove the skin to cut back on sodium and unhealthy fat. Feel free to use grilled chicken if that is more readily available to you.


– Carly

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