Mini Crustless Quiche

Eggs have gotten a bad rap because of the idea that their high cholesterol content raises blood cholesterol and causes heart disease. Research has shown that despite their high cholesterol content, when eaten in moderation, eggs have little effect on blood cholesterol levels and risk for heart disease. This doesn’t give you permission to eat a 3 egg omelet with cheese and bacon everyday though!

Try these mini crustless quiches instead. 🙂 Paired with a slice of whole wheat toast and a serving of fruit, these make a delicious and protein packed breakfast. The veggies included in the recipe are a suggestion. Feel free to replace them with others you have in your fridge. Just dump the veggies into the bottom of each reservoir, pour the egg mixture on top, top with a pinch of cheese and bake!


The cups did rise a bit while baking but they didn’t flow over so it’s ok to fill each reservoir to the brim with the egg mixture. After I pulled them out of the oven they shrunk back to their original size.


This is another great recipe that you can make on ahead of time and use throughout the week. Mine stayed good for about a week in the refrigerator.



– Carly


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